Eco-friendly. Sustainable. Local. Americans are exploring new ways to integrate green concepts into their daily lives - seeking a new normal that includes everyday eco practices. Announcing a new TV show, DOWN TO EARTH, that makes goin’ green fun! Starting in Spring 2012 on public television, viewers can join host Andrea Ridout on a green and gritty romp across America - as urban and country collide. DOWN TO EARTH speaks to the heart of us all, addressing topics that can change the world and our own lives for the better.

On DOWN TO EARTH you’ll meet modern-day farmers and ranchers, wine and cheese makers, expert dumpster divers and even some folks who live off the grid. Grow an organic garden, hatch some backyard chickens, install your own rain barrel and create art from landfill trash. You’ll also hear some heartfelt and compelling stories of the human spirit along the way - as we get DOWN TO EARTH.