Friday, August 26, 2011

Around Austin - Day Three, June 19th

In between marvelling at the unspoiled beauty of the countryside, we had the chance to run around Austin marvelling at the urban sights. We loved seeing the food trucks along South Congress Avenue. Imagine the mall food court meets open air dining. Clever restraunteurs have re-purposed vintage travel trailers and food catering trucks and are serving up some of the best street food you've ever had. 

As if we could eat anymore, we were treated to a wonderful vegetarian lunch at Mother's Cafe and Garden. We all know that Texas is known for its BBQ, but you've probably never had BBQ Tofu!

Just on the outskirts of Austin, but only minutes from town, live Lynne and Jim Weber, authors of Nature Watch Austin. Their home and the surrounding hills are a shrine to the beautiful and fascinating native flora and fauna described in their book.  

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